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 +======Technology and Parenting Roles======
-**The Free Javascript Software** +For the post-digital people, technology is constantly improving in advancements of medicine, machinery, and social media, parents wonder how will adapt to these technologies ​and how are these future generations are going to function. Myself as a digital naive, I have experienced the advancements of technology and observing my mother learning how implement technology in a safe environment while keeping my security online. It wasn't until high school where social media had been widely used by teens, and there was a difference in parenting my mother conveyed. Teaching my brother and I how not to put your personal information with her authority approval and don'​t ​talk to strangers onlineHer ability ​to adapt to the new cell phones, popular social media sites, and everyday usage of technology and devices, she was able to teach us effectively and responsibility. In a situation such as this many parents are learning how to adapt these advancements with their children as a young child to a young adult. In an article by Joan Ganz Cooney Center blog post she mentioned in the changing generations of technology usage, parents ​have be able to mesh and adapt new parenting behaviors and styles to correlate with their children'​s environment. (Joan Ganz Cooney Center) 
-   * The Free Javascript Foundation campaign wants to persuade government ​and NGO'to allow access to web sites that don'​t ​require specialist software for users to useTheir motivation is to allow users to have freedom on the Web.+((http://​​2013/​06/​06/​parenting-in-the-age-of-digital-technology/​))It’s important for parents in this generation and in the future generations to prepare children and young adults for a technology-fueled world, allowing the context of technology exposure and frequency. As parents become aware of the frequent usages of technology devices, they are able to establish communications with their children and further increase parents engagement with their children'​s environment
-**Upgrade to windows 8** +As parents roles are changing their behavior and styles of parenting, so do the way they have to communicate with their children. With the harmful factors of online usage, parents are fearful of children using technology devices they rather ​not allow them to use any technology devices without their authority((http://​​cris-rowan/​technology-children-negative-impact_b_3343245.html))I can understand a parents worries but from a young adult looking into a young teens perspective this is not the fair way of avoiding technology harms. Parents need to open the conversation with their teens and maturing children on how to be safe on the internet and making conscious decisions online. This will allow the child to learn responsibility and have parental guidance through the process. With the improvement ​of communication parents can help children with their timed management skills. The distractions students receive ​on the daily basis with frequent uses of smart phones and social media, affected students who struggle to pass their classes and increased procrastinationHowever the benefits with technology is it purpose of helping others socially and mentally. In covered an article of //How Technology Teaches Students Time Management//​ gives list of modern software and applications that can be downloaded upon any device has helped educatorsparents,and students ​to structure course assignments and improve on time management. ((http://​​2014/​07/​how-technology-teaches-students-time-management.html)) It contiunes to disscuss a study by the University of Cincinnati of using technology to manage work and home boundaries like distancig devices and gadgets from the study areacrossing ​and colloction of using limmited domains open for homework usage.((http://​​2014/​07/​how-technology-teaches-students-time-management.html)) This can help students learn how to focus on their coursework and improving on their time management
-   * The Upgrade to Windows 8 campaign is boycott ​not to use the new updated Window operating systemTheir motivation ​is to persuade Window users not to allow the new upgrade take over their computers due to lack of freedom ​on the new softwareThey express Windows 8 as invade in privacyvulnerable ​to identity theft, and has proprietary software+
-**Campaign ​for Open Document** +{{http://​​upload/​services/​technology-for-parents.png}} 
-   * The Campaign ​for Open Document ​is a campaign ​to allow users to read and write on open source documents without agreeing ​or downloading proprietary software ​to access ​the documentTheir is motivation is to not let users pay for additional software ​that they don't have access too.+((http://​​upload/​services/​technology-for-parents.png)) 
 +For technology uses there has been advantages for parents, especially recently divorced parents. Under new child custody laws, "​virtual visitation"​ might change the way divorced parents and children communicate. With daily uses of social media, Facetime, Skype, and Facebook Messenger, legislation is considering these outlets as way for children and parents to communicate. Virtual visitation by FindLaw states it "is a form of child visitation that requires the use of technology ​to keep in contact with a child-- such as email, video conferencing,​ etc.- as part of a parenting agreement or child custody order"​. ((http://​​child-custody/​virtual-visitation.html)) This new system of child custody can help improve a relationship with a parent ​and child. Thus bringing interpersonal relationships with future relations with the child, creating bonds and enriching a parent-child relationship. The benefits it can have include bedtime stories, seeing facial expressions,​ and generally interacting virtually. Similar to way military parents stay connected with their children through Skype. ((http://​​parenting/​dynamics/​military/​)) The virtual parenting visitation can be a new medium for divorced parents ​or single parent custody ​to contact depsite ​the geographical distanceHowever there are some limitations ​to interacting of parents to children. First, despite the virtual connection children still need physical contact and relationship with their parent. Having a balance of engagement in the virtual world and physical world can help improve relations with the child. Secondly, there can be a lack of communication with the parent becoming over-intrusive with the child and the child can easily disconnect all communications with the parent. ((http://​​3668326/​Virtual_Parenting_Time))Overall it is an enhancement tool for parent-child relationship ​that uses the advantages of using modern technology.  
 +Throughout the negative effects parents and educators observe in technology, ​they are also to see the benefits of usage. It is the parents responsibility to educate, communicate,​ and engage their child with the uses of technology. Having the open conversation of online safety, time away from devices, and communication.((http://​​the-positive-role-of-technology-why-parents-should-embrace-the-online-world/​))Learning from my mother's adaptation to learning a digital natives environment,​ she was able to pave the way of open lines of communication. This a positive attribute technology can bring the family and parenting roles. ​  
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