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 +**Campaign: Upgrade from windows 8**
 +The purpose of this campaign is to get rid of Windows 8. The reason for this is because they say that Microsoft 8 is just a money sucker, invades your privacy, and does not promise all that it says. They say that Microsoft 8 is a faulty software. ​ The motivation of this campaign is to let people know that there is many other software’s that could be used that do not waste your money or limit your freedom and privacy. Windows is a well-know software that many people use. It has been around for a long time and has a long history and background. But this campaign is to get people to come together and work together to get free software.
 +**Campaign: Free JavaScript**
 +This campaign is trying to persuade companies and organization to make their software and program available and able to run for people using free software. The motivation for this campaign is simply respect users freedom. Not forcing someone to pay for a software to work other programs is giving users much more freedom then before. As of now, many organizations require non-free software for user to be able to access their sites and programs. Knowing the background and history of all the non free software that is required is  the reason that this campaign is necessary. With this campaign, it may be possible to have more free software available that is compatible with many sites.
 +**Campaign: Working Together For Free Software**
 +The purpose of this campaign is to have a software that respects our freedom. This will allow us many rights that most softwares that we have to buy or download denies us of. Such as, our rights and freedom to learn and understand that software we are using. The motivation for this campaign is to give us more freedom and rights when it comes to using our software and programs. Usually, we are restricted in many aspects. Such and not being able to make copies of software, changing programs, sharing copies of software on all our personal computers and so on. This is only a little background on the situation we are in now with the software we are using, but with this campaign, it is possible that we can get some respect when it comes to our freedom and rights. · Last modified: 2015/02/17 10:03 by