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 +//Open Office//
 +Open Office is an open source word processor, spreadsheets,​ presentations,​ graphics, and databases. It’s basically a free alternative for Microsoft Office. I have used Open Office before for one semester because I was required to download for a class, so I did. At first I thought of it to be a nice word processor, and as time went on I had gotten used to it. The layout is like any other word-processor and it does it job very well. Where it was lacking and thus made me complaint it was that its spell-check was a bit slow or simple lacking and the word suggestions weren’t that good. But looking at it from another perspective,​ it was very helpful since I improved my writing and did not depend so much on a green line beneath the word I had just written to know it was wrong. After a whole semester of using for my class I got used to using it, and was taking aback when I switched back to Microsoft Word. If I didn’t have Microsoft Office I would probably be still using it. It could easily replace Microsoft Word, especially if you don’t want to pay for it, or simple you are just looking for a fresh, and free word processor. It has everything on it, so it really shouldn’t be that hard to make the transition or find out how to changes themes or add pictures.
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 +//Free Mind//
 +Free Mind is software that helps put thoughts and ideas together. It’s software to brainstorm and connect ideas. I haven’t personally used it, but I will.  The reason why I chose this software it’s for its application;​ it can help me write better, not in the sense of enhancing my English, but rather in connecting those loose thoughts and from there write a better structured essay or paragraph. But connecting loose thoughts goes beyond writing a well-organized essay and into everything else especially school matters. ​ I can’t substantiate that is good or not on the premise that I have barely know of this software. What it could replace is the old way of brainstorming,​ where a pencil and piece of paper would have done, but given that the software is more complex and thus helps you better to connect those loose thoughts in a more organized way. By looking at its website I couldn’t tell if it’s lacking any feature, as a matter of fact I didn’t even know that these kind of programs existed; therefore, I don’t have any other software to compare it with. 
 +//Mozilla Firefox//
 +Mozilla Firefox is a web-browser that replaces Internet Explorer or Safari. I have used it before, and I did for a long time until I switched to Chrome since I liked it better. Mozilla has themes and add-ons, which can be used to adapt the browser to your liking. Many of the add-ons are the usual Ad blocker or download music from YouTube videos. I don’t see where they lack anything, but if people don’t like it could be because they are used to other web-browsers. Its kind of loyalty that grows after using one specific browser, and you can almost feel the betrayal as to use other one. Either way Mozilla is good and by using in some sense you are helping the community that created it.
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