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 +Firefox is a web browsing software that has less pop-ups and advertisements,​ unlike Internet Explorer. I personally ​
 +have used Firefox in the past especially when it was first introduced. It was a great alternative and a definite
 +upgrade from Internet Explorer; from the speed to the amount of pop-ups it was definitely an improvement. But it was until Google released their own web browser, Google Chrome, that I stopped using Firefox. Though Firefox and Chrome ​
 +have similarities and both can easily be personalized to fit your preferences,​ I find that Chrome much easier to use and not to mention a bit faster. There have been times when I ran both Firefox and Chrome next to one another and I can see a difference. For example, the amount of time it took to load the same webpage on both browsers had a significant difference and Chrome was a tad faster than Firefox. ​
 +Netbeans is a programming software that can be downloaded on a PC or Mac, that can create desktop, mobile and web 
 +applications easily and quickly.To be honest the first time I’ve heard of Netbeans was just the beginning of this current semester and it was here at Roosevelt. And being fairly new to this software I have nothing but good to say about it. The software that I was more familiar with from my past school was VNCServer. We connected to the VNCServer  ​
 +software through the school network using our log information rather than having the software on hand, lets say it 
 +took some time to get to the software itself and at times it would get frustrating for myself and most of my classmates. So far using Netbeans I have been very happy and find it easier to use. The tools that Netbeans provides you with to create applications have made programming somewhat easier for me to understand but I definitely need a little more time to get use to it cause there are so many options and tools to use unlike the previous software I used had a limited amount and was a bit more complex to use as far as what I can remember.
 +**__Apache OpenOffice__**
 +This software in particular I found to be interesting. Though before the class I had never heard of this, I hope to use this in the future. This software is said to be in replace of Microsoft Office. One major reason I would use this is an apparent reason, the price. Back up a few years ago when you would purchase a Microsoft license ID number for 
 +Microsoft Office it was a one time fee and you wouldn’t have to pay again to renew it unless you had gotten rid of the computer you had use the ID on, but to my surprise a few months ago I purchased a new laptop and wanted to install Microsoft Office so I walked into a Best Buy to pick up one of those cardboard packets from Microsoft that contained the ID number. The employee at the store explained to me the price and right after mentions that its only a “2-year membership” and that I would need to eventually renew it for another fee for the same exact fee as it would have been a few years ago to purchase it just one time. Class was to start immediately last semester and so to avoid any frustration knowing that I needed this software (Again, I was not aware of OpenOffice),​ I went ahead and purchased that. But now knowing that this software is available and can be a valid replacement for Microsoft Office this is definitely something I would like to try and use once my “membership” with Microsoft is over, just one more year to go!
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