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 +OpenOffice is an open source, free alternative to Microsoft Office, designed to reproduce the aspects of the latter program. OpenOffice is different from Microsoft Office visually, but can handle most activities that MO supports. In my opinion, OpenOffice may take time to get used to, but is essentially a huge money saver. OpenOffice is the better choose because it is free.
 +Abiword, built to replace Microsoft Word, is capable of saving files, and opening other files available on your computer. It runs smoothly and is an almost exact copy of Microsoft Word. However, I do not prefer Abiword to other competitors,​ such as Google Docs / Google Drive. Google Docs / Google Drive is reliable, and is updated often to accommodate changes / bug fixes. Abiword makes no mention that it is free to download, or if it will have frequent updates. Therefore, I would not choose this program over other alternatives.
 +**Bleachbit** ​
 +Bleachbit is a useful program that frees up valuable disk space, which eradicates junk. Also, it maintains user privacy through cache removal, Internet history deletion, along with the expulsion of cookies, temporary files, and broken shortcuts. In essence, Bleachbit increases CPU performance and readiness. Bleachbit does not restrict you from free movement on the Internet, and will increase ease of use. In my opinion, Bleachbit is an amazing program that I have already enabled on my laptop. ยท Last modified: 2015/02/25 11:35 by