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 +Internet Explorer is way different than Firefox. Firefox has a different page layout style that makes Firefox easier to use. There are much clearer pictures and background images. The browser itself runs much faster, while having more widgets. Downloading on Firefox is much easier. There are less complications and runtime errors. I think that Firefox runs much easier than Internet Explorer and is just better quality. I think anyone else would agree as well. It is just a better browser to use and I prefer it more. 
 +I think Microsoft Word is much better than Abiword. Abiword is cheaper though, but the features of it do not compare to Microsoft Word. There is no grammar spell check on Abiword like the other processor. The icons were much bigger, and there were convenient features placed on the taskbar in Abiword, but it still didn’t compare to Microsoft Office. You do indeed get more for your money with Microsoft in my opinion. It is not that much more difficult to use either. It is a better choice. ​
 +Photoshop is a better choice than GIMP even though GIMP is free. There are just more features to use with it that makes it okay for being pricey. Many professionals use Photoshop simply because there are more features. The unfortunate thing is that Photoshop is a little bit more complicated. GIMP is more for those who want to be simple and use simple software. I would definitely choose Photoshop thought because it is better quality.  ​ · Last modified: 2015/02/23 08:19 by