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 +Abiword is a word processor that replaces Microsoft Word. I have been using Abiword for a little over a year now and I am not too fond of it. I would prefer to use Microsoft Word, but I would have to pay for it and I do not believe it is that important to the point I would need to buy it to complete my work. It functions pretty much the same as Microsoft word, but its features are not up to date. I find myself making several ​ grammatical errors that Abiword does not pick up and words that are spelled and used correctly are flagged as if I made an error. Abiword can open, save, and exchange files from other word processor programs, but it may look a little different when opening the files in Abiword than it would if it was opened using Microsoft Word. The Abiword website shows there system and software was last updated in December of 2014 and it provides bug fixes, but I am guessing I have to re-download the software because it was not automatically updated on my computer, nor was I notified about there being an update. Microsoft Word would notify you that updates are available and most of the time they would update the software themselves.
 +Gnucleus is software that is similar to software like LimeWire and BearShare. I have never heard of BareShare or Gnucleus, but I am very familiar with Limewire. LimeWire is a free software engine where you would go to download any music you want for free. Many people used to use LimeWire to start their CD businesses by burning the downloaded music on CDs and selling them. I used it merely for personal use. I liked it, but I did not like the viruses it put on my computer. My mom would always have to pay to get all of the viruses out of our computer and that would delete everything from the computer. I like using software that is free so Gnucleus is not something I would be interested in trying. If it had a free trial promotion where I could try it out before purchasing then I may consider it, but it does not. The website does not explain how anything works and the only option you have when you go to the website is to either buy Gnucleus or click on the related links. I would much rather use LimeWire again and take my chances because I know how to use it to the point where my computer would not develop any viruses. ​
 +Every computer I use tend to have both Firefox and Internet Explorer. I tend to always use Internet Explorer because it is what I am used to. I have not used the software to the point where there are noticeable differences. I know how to distinguish between the two software when I see them, but I do not have a preference. There are times where I have to stop using Internet Explorer because it tends to run slower than Firefox or Internet Explorer would keep closing out so I would, then, be forced to use Firefox. I have, yet, to run into those issues with Firefox so that would be one plus for Firefox over Internet Explorer. I am not sure if Internet Explorer or if Firefox cost to download to the computer because I never had to download either one. They both get the job done when I need them to and sometimes I use them both simultaneously when I have to multitask. ​ ยท Last modified: 2015/02/18 12:36 by