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 +=== Netflix-Comcast deal ===
 +One of the biggest companies effected by the recent change to net neutrality is Netflix. Netflix is a streaming service that has a very large user base which puts heavy strain on computer networks provided by ISPs. Comcast is one of the biggest internet providers. Recently, the two companies has struck a deal where Netflix has agreed to pay Comcast for a better connection. [(mycitt3>​public,​ Joshua Brustein http://​​articles/​2014-02-24/​netflixs-deal-with-comcast-isnt-about-net-neutrality-except-that-it-is)] After announcing the deal, the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, public urged for people to fight for stronger net neutrality rules.[(mycita>​public,​ Roger Yu http://​​story/​money/​business/​2014/​03/​20/​netflix-ceo-comments-on-comcast/​6669315/​)]
 +=== What Does it Mean to Us ===
 +{{ :​net_neutrality:​net-neutrality_full_.jpg?​direct&​300|}} Net Neutrality means in relationship to a regular user of the internet is that Internet service providers are required to enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.[(mycite>​Public,​ Google definitions,​ https://​​q=what+does+net+neutrality+mean+for+me)] According to an article on USA today, Consumers and small business will both be affected if Net Neutrality is removed.Consumers will end  up paying more. Businesses will have to pay to keep providing good service and businesses that can't pay will may see diminished quality in their service. This, in turn, will limit the options of user of sites that give them quick access to what they are searching.[(mycite2>​Public,​ Mike Snider Usa Today, http://​​story/​tech/​2014/​01/​19/​net-neutrality-effects-on-consumers-debated/​4596031/​)]
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