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for the student's security? Since the Chromebooks are the property of the school's they must follow the CIPA law. Each Chromebook will be installed with a web browser that will block any obscene websites and keep track of any chatrooms the students have been in. The students will not have free range with this computer because it belongs to the school, these Chromebooks were distributed to help benefit their education, not their leisure time. 1)

Benjamin Wittes is for the Domestic Surveillance and he argues the positive side of surveillance in the country. He argued that he NSA is an intelligence2) agency that collects intelligence in large amounts. It also spies on other countries and their leaders, then tries to make sense of the material it collects using data-analytic techniques. The NSA programs breaks encryption systems that its potential targets use to protect their communications and develops relationships with private companies that is useful to them by providing data for them. Also, the NSA programs engages in activity that is illegal in the countries against which it operates. 3)

Bolton backs up Wittes’ arguments by saying we must prevent hype and anger over specific abuses from harming the NSA’s actual capabilities and the secrecy needed to protect them. He also states that intelligence exists not for its own sake, but to support executive decision making. He is making the straightforward liberty vs. safety argument above in the specific context of the NSA. 4)

This refers to a full reference defined elsewhere by using the same name. 5)

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