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 [[fall17:​privacy&​censorship:​GovernmentSurveillance]] [[fall17:​privacy&​censorship:​GovernmentSurveillance]]
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 [[fall17:​privacy&​censorship:​dark_web]] [[fall17:​privacy&​censorship:​dark_web]]
 +====== Corporate Censorship ======
 +Censorship is a common issue for many tech companies. Companies like Facebook or Twitter have the power to censor their users and they decide what users can and can't see on their platforms. While social media companies are common offenders of censorship, other virtual companies, like Google, also retain the ability to censor certain subjects or users. These are all widespread and successful businesses that have become deeply rooted in many people'​s daily routines. For many, these huge companies are their main connections to the internet and it is where they get their news everyday. This use of censorship can effectively control the public views on world events and sway public opinion on the national level.
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