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 +=== Regulatory framework for Electronic Communications ​    ​=== ​
 +The Regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications is a set of regulations made by Europe'​s decision making body. A very important part of it is the "​Framework Directive."​ The objective of this directive is to establish a harmonized framework for the regulation of electronic communications networks and services. It also consist of four specific directives. They are[(mycite2>​public,​ Europa, http://​​legislation_summaries/​information_society/​legislative_framework/​l24216a_en.htm)]: ​
 +    1) Directive on the authorisation of electronic communications networks and services (the “Authorisation Directive”)
 +    2) Directive on access to, and interconnection of, electronic communications networks and associated facilities (the “Access Directive”);​
 +    3)Directive on the universal service (the “Universal Service Directive”);​
 +    4)Directive on the processing of personal data (the “Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive”).
 +    ​
 +=== Digital Agenda for Europe ===
 +The Digital Agenda for Europe is a 2020 initiate that is a part the European Commission. Its goal is to the European economy and help business have access to utilize technologies to their fullest extent. This includes protecting the openness of the internet, which is another way to refer to net neutrality. [(mycit>​Public,​ Digital Agenda for Europe, http://​​digital-agenda/​en/​about-open-internet)] ​
 http://​​digital-agenda/​en/​eu-actions http://​​digital-agenda/​en/​eu-actions
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