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 =====ECPA Reform: Early On===== =====ECPA Reform: Early On=====
-In 1986 Congress passed the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA)Despite numerous constitutional challenges, the courts have repeatedly upheld these provisions. When ECPA went into effect, technology ​was nowhere near what it is today, nor did people have the forethought ​to see what technology would evolve ​to become. [(:​ElectronicSurveillance>>​+In 1986 Congress passed the Electronic Communications Privacy Act or ECPA. The ECPA was started to help bring the regulations up to the same standards as the technology ​that had happened over the course of 50 plus years. Yet, this act was created before the internet ​would take off giving this new standards only a short time to be relevant. ​  No one saw the future of technology advancing from more than the telephone. [(:​ElectronicSurveillance>>​
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-ECPA is a patchwork of confusing standards that have been interpreted ​inconsistently by the courtscreating uncertainty for both service providers and law enforcement agencies. ​Since enactment of ECPA, there have been fundamental changes in communications technology and the way people use it. ECPA can no longer be applied in a clear and consistent way, and, consequently, ​the vast amount ​of personal ​information ​generated by today’s digital communication services may no longer be adequately protected. At the same time, ECPA must be flexible enough to allow law enforcement agencies and services providers to work effectively together to combat increasingly sophisticated cyber-criminals or sexual predators.[(:​ECPAReform>>​+The ECPA in its current state has become nothing more than confusing standards that needs to be followed. Within it  there is no clear and concise laws and regulations to follow. These inconsistencies are constantly being interpreted ​differently along all lines of high powers, such as judges, law enforcement ​and even government ​agencies. ​It can no longer be adequately ​applied in a clear manner with the large amounts ​of information ​being provided to the world ever single minute of the day.[(:​ECPAReform>>​
 [(ECPAReform>>​ [(ECPAReform>>​
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-H.R. 983 seeks to reform ​outdated ​Electronic Communications Privacy Act. This bill, while not a complete fix, is trying ​to provide ​much-needed update to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) of 1986. The outdated language has left loopholes ​which the government has attempted to access your old emails ​and documents you store in the cloud without going to a judge and getting a court-issued warrant.[(:​NewBillForReform>>​+Newly on the table H.R. 983 is working ​to reform ​the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. They are hoping that the bill will give much needed fixes to a out-of-date act, closing ​the loopholes and re-enforcing ​the need for new changes.[(:​NewBillForReform>>​
 [(NewBillForReform>>​ [(NewBillForReform>>​
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