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 +Governmental and corporate bodies are invovled in promoting, participating and creating surveillance programs out of self-interest that target individual consumers and citzens for the purpose of gathering information. This has lead to a national and global concerns of the creation of a surveillance state within the United State [(mycite>​Schneier,​ Bruce. //"The Internet is a surveillance state//​."​ //​Editorial//​.//​CNN//​.,​ 4 Mar. 2013. Web. 17 Mar 2014)] Despite, government and coporate agencies seeming to have seperate interest in the data collected of individauls,​ both these agencies self-interest can interesect leading to a cooporation of information sharing on civilians. The sharing of information between governmental and coporate organizations has lead to conversations and debates on the breach of American civil liberties. [( zweicite>​Richards,​ Niel M.// "​Dangers of Surveillance//​."//​Havard Law Review 126//​(2013):​ pp. 3-5. Web. 17 Mar 2014.)]
 +====Governmental Surveillance====
 +Technological government surveillance can date back to beginning in 1952 when President Truman established the Nationa Security Agency/ Central Security Agency, otherwise known as the NSA/CSA. This program was responsible for collecting, processing, and disseminating intelligence information from foreign electronic signals for national foreign intelligence and counterintelligence purposes and to support military operations. ((https://​​nsa-spying/​timeline)) The creatation of surveillance for government use was then focused on national security from foreign and domestic threats as the program began to further collect data academics, reaseacher, programmers and informed citzens to question the explitative potential NSA programs had on on the Fourth Amendment. [(#3)] In 1973, the Supreme Court then ruled that domestic intelligence surveillanec would require a warrant because of the potential infringement of the Constitution. [(https://​​nsa-spying/​timeline)] After the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attach, congress passed laws that would allow the NSA circumvent federal statutes and the Constitution as long as the information was connected to potential foreign or domestic terrorist threats. [(https://​​time-rein-surveillance-state-0)] Many of these new laws passed without any public debate after 9/11 any opponents of these laws faced public resentment since 
 +these laws were seens as protections from threats and not a threat themselves. In 2006, public sentiment towards governmental surveillance began to change as conversions and scandals from goverment programs began to emerge. The American Civil Lierties Union declares that there are three main governmental laws and court that aid in the creatation of the surveillance state: The Patriot Act,THe FISA Amendments Act of 2008 and FISC. [(https://​​time-rein-surveillance-state-0)] Each of these laws are seen as voilating citzens rights and privacy by collecting data without consent even in cases which an individual cannot be proven being a terrorist threat. THe conversation of the governemental surveillance was further thrown in the spotlight after Edward Snowden leaked douments of invasive government surveillance programs, while working with the NSA. This lead Snowden to seek aslyum after the United States government threaten to condemn as a dissdent. [(http://​​2013/​06/​10/​politics/​edward-snowden-profile/​)] The Snowden case has created many to believe that his actions as a whistleblower where justified since it was protecting and bringing forth proof of government abuse of citzen information this has created an active movement of the civil right/​liberties activist, accademics, hackers and others to begin to organize against current surveiallance laws. [(http://​​business/​ci_25313847/​nsa-leaker-edward-snowden-urges-silicon-valley-resist)]
 +====Corporate Surveillance======
 +The tracking of online behavior behavior by coporations began as a marketing tatic to gather data on consumer needs. This can be seen by companies that tailor the onscreen ads to the individual web searches this has lead to the collbration between outside companies and social media networks such as Facebook [(mycite)] The use tracking between outside corporations and social media sites they are inherently persuading the consumers visually without thei knowledege. Furthmore, the use of this information goes beyond just tracking consumer purchases and online behavior, but has lead social media sites to be able to keep intimate data files on individual social relations and interest this is creating mass data files that users are unware of. The use of data by coporations has lead interent privact to be virtually non-extistent. [(http://​​business/​ci_25313847/​nsa-leaker-edward-snowden-urges-silicon-valley-resist)]
 +{{page>​Internet Surveillance:​ Government and Corporate}}
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