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 +**Netflix Calls for Strong Net Neutrality, Says They Shouldn’t Have to Pay Comcast**
 +"To emphasize the need for strong net neutrality, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings posted a statement today, in which he says, “The Internet is improving lives everywhere – democratizing access to ideas, services and goods. To ensure the Internet remains humanity'​s most important platform for progress, net neutrality must be defended and strengthened.”
 +Ever since the Net Neutrality ruling in January, the future for the Internet as we know it today remains uncertain. It’s up to the FCC to make a necessary reclassification,​ and until then there is great concern. As Slyck'​s Tom Mennecke stated previously, the big deal is that broadband providers were already classified as enhanced service providers, which we know are not subject to common carrier regulations. One does not simply reclassify an entire phylum of telecommunications entities without procedural rules in place to ensure a transparent and fair transition. The problem is the FCC did not do this. They simply came up with a rule that sidestepped an entire procedural hurdle. And that hurdle is substantial. If the FCC wants to regulate broadband providers subject to common carrier regulations,​ they will have to reclassify them legally.
 +Netflix feels that the current weak net neutrality isn’t enough to protect an open and competitive Internet. Strong net neutrality is what prevents ISPs from charging a toll for interconnection to services such as Netflix, YouTube or Skype, as well as the intermediaries such as Cogent, Akamai or Level 3. In order to deliver the services and data requested by ISP residential subscribers,​ they must instead provide sufficient access to their network without charge.
 +Recently Netflix struck a deal with Comcast, and their statement today addresses that by saying, “Netflix believes strong net neutrality is critical, but in the near term we will in cases pay the toll to the powerful ISPs to protect our consumer experience. When we do so, we don’t pay for priority access against competitors,​ just for interconnection. A few weeks ago, we agreed to pay Comcast and our members are now getting a good experience again. Comcast has been an industry leader in supporting weak net neutrality, and we hope they’ll support strong net neutrality as well.”
 +In other words, Netflix is willing to pay the tolls if necessary to other ISPs as well, but they don’t feel they should have to in order to maintain a consistent service to customers without speeds being affected. Many ISPs have refused to make necessary capacity upgrades that would allow for acceptable streaming speeds, and this has added to the problem. To do the upgrades, the ISPs feel that since Netflix generates so much of the traffic that the ISPs must support, Netflix should share some of the ISP’s cost of delivering it.
 +Hastings argues that customers paying for Internet access should get the download speeds they’re paying for, no matter which service the content is coming from. He ends his statement by saying, “While in the short term Netflix will in cases reluctantly pay large ISPs to ensure a high quality member experience, we will continue to fight for the Internet the world needs and deserves.”
 +And so the battle for strong net neutrality continues."​((1 [[http://​​story2358_Netflix_Calls_for_Strong_Net_Neutrality_Says_They_Shouldnt_Have_to_Pay_Comcast|Netflix Calls for Net Neutrality]]))
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