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 +**KEE PASS**
 +The piece of software I found to have the most value in my life is KeePass. As I have grown older, I have begun to become involved with more and more organizations,​ websites, and even online shops that require a username and password. Currently, I have my passwords written down on various pieces of paper that like to frequently disappear. KeePass, though, allows me to save my usernames and passwords on my computer without the risk of exposure. I use a Mac computer at work occasionally which has a program called Numbers that is very similar to KeePass. Finding a software compatible with my at home computer that mimics this program will make it easier for me, and many other open source software users, to save essential information. ​
 +Freemind is referred to as an electronic whiteboard. I think this software will prove to be beneficial to my life because it will help me organize my thoughts when I write papers, plan events, or just want to explore an idea thoroughly. I can do this easily in a notebook or on a piece of paper, but Microsoft Word is not software capable of acting as an electronic “piece of paper”. I think Freemind will allow me to electronically organize my thoughts in a sufficient way. The only drawback I found from downloading this software is the fact that in order to do so, I had to update my current version of Java. I understand that both Freemind and Java are connected, but I did not like the fact that I was obligated to update one in order to receive the other.
 +This software allows me to convert videos to a format that is compatible with my android phone and other media players. Miro Video Converter can come in handy for me during long trips in the car or times when Wi-Fi is not available. There are a few drawbacks to this software, though, that might cause me some issues. First of all, my Samsung Galaxy S5 is not listed as a supported device. The information on this page may not have been updated since the release of the newest Galaxy version, but if not I would not be able to use this software to my advantage. Another possible issue with this software is the file sizes of the converted videos. My phone has the capacity to hold thousands of pictures, but if the file size of the potential video is larger than what my phone can hold, there would be no point to continue use of the software. Ultimately, I think the fact that this software is open and free is essential to many individuals. Even if I cannot use it to benefit my life, there are many others who will find the benefit in Miro Video Converter. ​ · Last modified: 2015/02/18 01:06 by